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It’s not enough to just publish your course and hope for sales

The skills and knowledge you've got are valuable. People will gladly pay you to teach them.

But if you don't spend time building trust with your audience, your launch will fall flat.

There's a wrong way to do it

Many course authors spend months building without letting anyone know what they're working on or interacting with their target audience.

Then, when it comes time to offer it for sale, they find out that no one is interested.

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Publish Course

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Profit? πŸ˜•

Setting yourself up for a great launch requires building trust with your audience

Trust is built by offering value without expecting anything in return.

Building up trust with your audience requires time and energy. It happens by deliberately providing value to people for free. It's not easy but it's crucial if you want to have a successful course launch.

Generating meaningful revenue from your course also requires a long time horizon. It won't happen overnight. However, consistent action leading up to your launch will give you great results.

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Share Knowledge

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Publish Free Content

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Ask Questions

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Answer Questions

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Publish Free Course

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Help with Problems

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Build Paid Course

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Profit! πŸ€‘

We'll host your course and give you a recipe for making it a smash

Most course platforms just give you a place to host your content and process payments. They don't actually help you with marketing.

CourseLift gives you all the tools you need to help ensure you build up to a great launch and that your course keeps selling after.

Free Course Required

The best way to build trust with an audience is to give them value without expecting anything in return.

CourseLift comes with dedicated support for lead magnets and guides you through how to build your audience with free mini courses.

Build Your Email List

Building your email list is the best way to ensure your launch is successful.

CourseLift helps you build and manage your list with automated email sequences so you can deliver value to your audience with ease.

Tailored Launch Planner

Building up to a successful launch requires daily effort in not only building your course but also providing free value to your audience.

CourseLift gives you a dedicated launch planner to keep you on track with audience building and course development.

Audience Outreach

Building your audience requires looking for places where people who care about your topic hang out.

CourseLift helps you find communities that can benefit from your knowledge and alerts you about where you can share your content with them.

Always Be Launching

Most course sales come on launch day. After the initial build up of excitement, sales start to fade.

CourseLift provides automated evergreen launches so that new audience members get the same experience as they would when you initially launched your course.

No Fees on Sales

Most course hosting platforms process payments for you while also taking a cut of your revenue. Some even take as much as 50%.

CourseLift doesn't charge any fees on payments. Instead, you plug in your Stripe and PayPal accounts and allow us to handle the transactions.

Everything you need for a successful launch

Seamless Course Hosting

Email sequences

Tailored Launch Planner

Automated Evergreen Launches

Audience Finder

Payment Processing with zero fees


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July 31, 2023



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